Secured Systems Consulting specialty is obtaining HUD 2530 clearance for the affordable housing industry.  Our way of doing business is to first learn your organization structure and evaluate the most efficient way to get your application filed and approved.  

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Rosemarie has a very solid understanding of the myriad of HUD regulatory frameworks impacting federally assisted rental housing which enables her company to maintain compliance with these rules. She is also an expert on one of HUD's more complicated and antiquated data systems- APPS. She was selected as a pilot user and is a vital source of information for the industry who struggles to access and use APPS. I rely on her knowledge to answer many of the questions posted to me about APPS and the previous participation process (known as 2530).

Denise Muha, Executive Director

National Leased Housing A​ssociation (NLHA)

What our clients and colleagues say:



We would be amiss if we did not write to tell you how much we appreciated your assistance with our 2530 submission.  You knocked it out of the park with the first submission and got our approval, even though the government was shut down!  You stayed on top of HUD and you kept us informed every step of the way.  We would highly recommend your company!

Thanks again~​

Lisa Williams, Saundra Sloan and Luz Bouleris
True Grit Asset Administration, LLC