Secured Systems Consulting is your HUD 2530 APPS Expert   

Who we serve

  • Lenders, Developers, agents, owners, nonprofit organizations, attorneys and lenders across the country.  

  • Extensive relationships with HUD Field Offices, HUD Headquarter, local and state housing authority staff.

  • National housing trade organizations

Feel Confident knowing we have handled hundreds of thousands of units and billions of dollars in transactions.

The HUD Experts at Secured Systems
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  • Get your answers at a moments notice.

  • We offer Flat Rate Pricing or Hourly Rates  

​​Prior to starting Secured Systems Consulting, LLC, Rosemarie was the Director for Regulatory Affairs and Grants with one of the largest owner and manager of affordable housing. Rosemarie has over 20 years of extensive involvement with HUD Headquarters, local and state regulatory offices dealing with large mergers, complex transactions and 2530 flag issues. 

HUD Headquarters selected Rosemarie to be a key contributor for the development of the online 2530 APPS system during the pilot program in 1998 and has continued to provide feedback on enhancements.  

​      What we provide

  • Serve as a  coordinator to setup and maintain your organizations in the  APPS system. 

  • Train staff on best practices for using the APPS system.

  • File electronic HUD 2530 submission in APPS to obtain ownership or management in a project.

  • File paper HUD Form 2530
  • Resolve Flags and respond to regulatory matters with the Office of Inspector General, Department of Enforcement, Real Estate Assessment Center and the Previous Participation Review Committee.

  • Complete the entire management package

  • Monitor and follow up on items that pose a compliance risk.​​​​