What our clients and colleagues say:

My name is Roy Lee III, I am a former Asset Manager and Associate Counsel for Security Properties Inc Affordable Housing Division, located in Seattle WA. I am writing to give my most enthusiastic recommendation for Rosemarie Harris of Secured Systems Consulting, LLC. She is extremely competent in the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (“HUD”) regulatory issues.

I coordinated with Rosemarie for fourteen years on HUD regulatory issues between AIMCO Apartment Homes and Security Properties Inc., while she was Director of Regulatory Affairs. Rosemarie’s encyclopedic knowledge of HUD procedures, people skills and enthusiasm are unmatched. I have never met anyone with such meticulous organizational skills and sheer ability to just "get things done."

 Roy Lee III, Attorney at Law

​I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation of Secured Systems Consulting, LLC. We recently closed a HUD 236 with various forms of financing on an acquisition and rehab development. At the last minute, we found out that we were not HUD 2530 approved an enlisted the services of Rosemarie Harris to help us with that approval process. In researching that system on our own, we found that it was nearly impossible to submit the request, get approval, and close our transaction timely, especially with looming deadlines of lenders and equity participants.

Rosemarie Harris was able to work with us through the 2530 process and receive approvals quickly in order to close escrow as scheduled. We would highly recommend Secured Systems Consulting to work with developers on not only the 2530 process but other HUD related processing issues as well.

Dave Michael
Executive Director
Pacific Development​

I had the privilege of working with Rosemarie from 1999 through 2009 as AIMCO’s Executive Vice President with responsibility for asset management of the largest government subsidized multifamily portfolio in the country. Rosemarie is an expert in the 2530 Previous Participation disclosure process and has leveraged her relationships at HUD to execute extremely complex transactions and resolve the most challenging flag issues an owner can face. She successfully and professionally managed the large amount of data required for AIMCO to disclose its multi-tiered ownership structures encompassing more than 800 properties aggregated through its acquisition of numerous companies including NHP, Insignia, Oxford and Casden. Her efforts enabled AIMCO to successfully obtain 2530 clearance to complete these acquisitions and more than 50 LIHTC redevelopments with substantial impact on the earnings of the company.

Rosemarie is diligent and tenacious, yet always professional and personable. Her contributions at AIMCO were invaluable, and her relationships and experience are a potential asset for any owner of government subsidized properties.

 Lance Graber


We would be amiss if we did not write to tell you how much we appreciated your assistance with our 2530 submission.  You knocked it out of the park with the first submission and got our approval, even though the government was shut down!  You stayed on top of HUD and you kept us informed every step of the way.  We would highly recommend your company!

Thanks again~​

Lisa Williams, Saundra Sloan and Luz Bouleris
True Grit Asset Administration, LLC

My name is Kathy Thomasson and I worked at HUD Headquarters in the Previous Participation and Review Division.  Rosemarie and I began working together on 2530 clearance during the AIMCO/Insignia merger in 1998 and on through 2005.  The portfolio she reported on was the largest affordable owner and agent with varying degrees of needs.  HUD 2530 filings had to come up to Headquarters for me for review and approve.  I can attest to the amount of dedication she put into helping get 2530’s filed, flags resolved and fulfillment of any item I needed from her organization.  She was a tremendous resource for us as well when we started the pilot program for electronic 2530’s, now known as APPS.  

Kathy Thomasson, HUD Headquarters Analyst​ Previous Participation Review Division

Rosemarie has a very solid understanding of the myriad of HUD regulatory frameworks impacting federally assisted rental housing which enables her company to maintain compliance with these rules. She is also an expert on one of HUD's more complicated and antiquated data systems- APPS. She was selected as a pilot user and is a vital source of information for the industry who struggles to access and use APPS. I rely on her knowledge to answer many of the questions posted to me about APPS and the previous participation process (known as 2530).

Denise Muha, Executive Director NLHA​